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Rental Application

Note: The email address you enter here should

be the one you use regularly, including breaks and over the summer, as this is our main communication method.  If you do not monitor this email address regularly you may miss out on having your application approved.

How to Apply/Sign the Lease

The way we work applications is that you are essentially applying and entering into the lease at the same time.  When you apply you are agreeing to live in that apartment if we find your application acceptable.  So make sure you are certain you want to live in the apartment you are applying for before you submit all the application materials. 

Keep in mind that time is of the essence when applying for our apartments, because we only review the first application package we receive.  If your application package is the second one we receive there is a good chance we may not even get to review your application package.  

For ease of use, please click on the "Application Checklist" button and print out the checklist to keep track of your progress.

Step 1:
Each person who will be on the lease must complete the application to the right and click the SUBMIT button.  IMPORTANT: Be sure to enter an email address that you check daily, as part of the application review requires you to respond to emails in a timely manner.

Step 2:

Complete and gather the four items below for each applicant and turn in all four items at the same time:

     Lease -  Each applicant must print one copy of the lease, complete

     paragraphs 1.b, 1c., 4.b and 5.b, initial on each page where indicated and

     sign at the bottom of page 1 where indicated.  There must be one lease per

     applicant.   IMPORTANT: All applicants must agree how much each

     applicant will pay in rent each month and how much each applicant will

     contribute toward the security deposit.  The total amounts that will

     appear in paragraphs 4.B and 5.B of each lease must total up to the

     amount of total monthly rent and total security deposit due.

     Guardian Guarantee - Each person who will be on the lease must turn in a

     Guardian Guarantee form.  The parent/guardian should click the link and

     then sign the form and have it notarized.  There must be one Guardian

     Guarantee per applicant.

     Application FeeThe initial application fee must be paid by check/money

     order/cashier's check made payable to "Paul Moomaw" in the amount of

     $25.00 per person.  This can be paid in one check or multiple checks, as

     long as the total application fee paid equals $25 per person.  Please note,

     the $25.00 payment represents only a portion of the total application fee of

     $35.00 per person.  The additional $10.00 per person will be paid during the

     application review process.

     Security Deposit - The security deposit must be paid by check/money

     order/cashier's check made payable to "PennAir Properties" in the amount

     of one month's rent.  This can be paid in one check or multiple checks, as

     long as the total security deposit paid equals one month's rent.

Step 3:
Once you have collected the Leases, Guardian Guarantees, Application Fee checks, and Security Deposit checks you must call text Paul Moomaw at (814) 571-5230.  You will then be given instructions on where and when to turn in your application package. 

Please note, you may turn in a faxed or emailed copy of the Guardian Guarantees to complete your application package, however, the original hard copies must be mailed to the address below.

Once you have turned in your complete application package you will be notified whether your application is the first one we have received.  Usually we only accept one application per apartment, but depending on how many groups are applying there may be multiple applicants.  If that is the case we will notify you what number applicant you are in the queue.

Application Review Process:

If your group is the first complete application we receive, we will begin processing your application immediately.  You must monitor text and email and respond to any messages you receive accordingly.  Please note, timely and accurate responses to messages is an integral part of the review process.  Untimely or inaccurate responses can be cause for rejection of your application.  Some of these message will include instructions on how to pay the second portion of the application fee.

Upon completion of the final payment for the application fee and completion of the review process, PennAir will notify applicants via email whether they were accepted or rejected for the apartment.

Mail hard copies of Guardian Guarantees, if submitting copies to:
PennAir Properties
PO Box 6343
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Note: Do not send anything overnight via FedEx or UPS as they won’t deliver to a PO Box.  If you want to send an overnight package you will have to use the US Postal Service, as they are the only service offering delivery to our PO Box.