Application FAQs

Q:  Where do we turn in the complete application?

A.  Once you have gathered all the materials needed to complete your application, you must text Paul Moomaw at (814) 571-5230 and let him know.  He will advise you who to meet, when and where, and you will turn in your complete application in person.

Q: How long does the application process take?
A: Everything that is needed to apply is available on our website, so the time it takes to apply depends on the applicant.  I have seen some applicants submit everything needed for an application in 24 hours and I have seen some applicants take over a month to submit everything needed for an application.

Q: How long does the review process take?
A: I will have reviewed everything I need to within 7 days.  However, since your response time to the email that I will send you is a determining factor in the application review, it could take longer if you do not respond in a timely manner.

Q: Are we guaranteed the apartment if we apply?
A: No, but if you are the first applicant group to complete steps 1 through 5, you are guaranteed to have your application be reviewed.  This is important because I will only review one application at a time for a particular apartment.  So if your application is not the first one I receive there is no guarantee that I will review it.  Statistics show that our acceptance rate is pretty high, so if you are the first group to apply for a particular apartment you stand a very good chance of being accepted for that apartment, and having your lease signed.

Q: Does the application bind us to the lease?
A: Yes assuming your application is the first one I receive AND I accept you as tenants.  If that is the case I will sign the lease you mailed in and we will be bound as Tenant and Landlord.  However, if you are not the first applicant for the apartment I will let you know and I will not review your application unless I reject any/all applications that were completed before yours.  Also, if for some reason I reject you as applicants the lease would not be binding.  So please make sure you are seriously interested in living in the apartment you are applying for because if you apply and we accept you the lease is binding.

Q: If our application isn’t the first one received for the apartment what happens to our application materials?
A: That is handled on a case by case basis.  If you wish to move your application to another apartment I can do that.  If you wish to no longer apply I will shred application materials, including any personal checks.  If you paid by a money order I will deposit the money order(s) and mail a check to you in the amount paid by the money order(s).

Q: What happens to the application fee and security deposit if our application is rejected?
A: Application fees are non-refundable.  This means that if I review your application I will keep your application fee.  Security deposits are required under the lease.  So if I do not accept you as applicants you will not have a lease and I will mail checks to you at the permanent address you used in your application in the amount of the security deposit you paid.

Q: How do I apply for more than one apartment?
A: Select the first choice and second choice apartments you are applying for.  You only need to complete one application, but you will need to submit the lease for each apartment you are applying for.  You will need to pay the security deposit that is equal to the highest security deposit due for both apartments you are applying for.

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